How to wake up after your winter hibernation and get back on your kiteboard!


Are you keen to get back on he water now that the winter is over and he temperatures are rising again? But are you a bit worried about that first session after a long break? Then here are 5 Tips to help you get back on your kiteboard safely.

Tip 1: Check your physical condition.

Have you been snowboarding in waist deep powder during the winter? Or did you enjoy a few months of eating pizza and drinking hot chocolate in front of a cozy fireplace? In any case, Make sure that you are fit before going for that first kitesurfing session. Meaning that you need to be able to swim back to the beach in case of trouble.


Worn depower line from kitesurfingTip 2: Make sure your kitesurfing equipment is in good condition.

The most important parts to check are your quick releases and your lines. Make sure your safety systems still work. Some parts can rust, making it difficult or even impossible to release your safety.

Check all your lines. Worn lines should be replaced!

Check if your kites stay inflated. Just pump them all up. Which is a nice check for your physical condition if you have too many kites ;) And leave them inflated for a few hours.

Check for any holes in he canopy. Even a small hole will form a weak point in your kite. Small holes can easily be repaired with adhesive (spinnaker) tape. Larger holes should be sewn professionally.

Check the stitches especially on he leading edge, stitches can be worn. Weakened or missing stitches can be replaced by your local sail maker.


Tip 3: Take a serious look at he temperatures of the air and water. 

Cold, combined with water and wind is a real Killer! Hypothermia can happen much faster than most people think.


Wetsuit thickness and water temperature


The above graph does not factor in your protective wet-suit. But it also doesn't factor in that you might be tired after already kiting for one hour before getting into trouble.

Definitely take a look at your wet-suit as well. Make sure it is warm enough for the spring temperatures. Maybe you even need a neoprene cap and boots.


Kitesurfing lesson in Tarifa with Kau Pi KiteTip 4: Mental check!

How long ago did you last kite? And what was your level then? After a few months you will have lost a significant amount of feeling with your kite, board and he water. Maybe you have even forgotten a few essential skills.

If you do not feel 100 percent comfortable. Or if you are not sure that you can still water start and ride without any problem.Then take a refresher lesson with a kite school.

Kitesurfing in the sunset with friends





 Tip 5: Choose your kite spot.

Make sure that on your first session you go to a spot that is relatively easy and safe for your riding level.
No crazy strong winds or monster waves yet. Leave that for when you regain your confidence.


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