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Windsurfing Introduction course in Tarifa

Learn to windsurf in Tarifa on the beautiful beach of Valdevaqueros, one of the best windsurfing spots in the world! 

An instructor will teach you the basics of windsurfing using high-quality Goya Windsurfing gear. A written resume of the course will be given with detailed info about the maneuvers learned.
The aim of this course is to initiate you in windsurfing, you do not need to have any previous windsurfing experience.

After 1 hour of private lessons or 2 hours of group lessons, you should be able to stand up, sail away from the beach, turn around and come back to the beach with a big smile on your face.

Safety is important to Velair Windsurfing School Tarifa, our spot is safe for beginners, plus our equipment fulfill basic safety standards, we provide helmets, life jacket and rescue service to our clients.
We also have Accident Insurance. After the 2 hours class, you can rent and practice on your own or continue taking more classes. We can also provide hired windsurfing equipment, in any case, our instructors will always be watching and advising you.


windsurfing lesson in tarifa

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