Kayak Tour in the Natural park of the Strait of Gibraltar  


Kayaking in the straight of gibraltar

If you are travelling through Andalucia, or your are based in Tarifa this is a unique experience to put on your bucket list: The kayak tour starts in El Faro de Punta Carnero, close to tarifa, and consists of three hours kayaking between Africa and Europe.


During this excursion you wil:

- Explore and discover the Strait and its wild and isolated beaches.

- Paddle across the ancient Pillars of Hercules and inside the Strait of Gibraltar.

- Have stunning views over Africa and the mountain "Jebel Mussa". The panoramic views of the Strait of Gibraltar National Park are unique.

- See impressive cliffs, solitary "calas" (inlets), and crystal clear waters.

- Pass a sunken shipwreck that makes for a great snorkling location.

- Visit perfect places to relax, enjoy a refreshing swim and for diving in the clear waters.

- Observe a wide range of wildlife (from dolphins and whales to birds on their migration to Africa)


The Experienced guides customize the tour for you and your group. Taking in to account: your previous experience, your interests and abilities, and the current weather. The Kayak tour in the Gibraltar straight Natural park is offered all year round. On most summer days it starts from the Velair Sea kayaking base camp in Punta Carnero. Located in a wild and unknown area inside the natural park. Transportation can be arranged if needed.

The three hours tours, you will use "sit on top" kayaks (single & double available and selected depending on participants age, experience, and preferences), comfortable kayak seat, life jacket, waterproof bag and paddles.  

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