Stand Up Paddle in the Natural park of the Strait of Gibraltar 

 SUP tour in the straight of Gibraltar natural park

Velair's experienced guides customize Paddle Boarding tours for you and your group, designed around your previous experience, interests, abilities, and the weather conditions. The SUP tours are organized all year round.

The 3 hour SUP tour in the straight of Gibraltar natural park normally begins at Velair's Stand up paddle base camp on Punta Carnero, located in a wild and unknown area inside the Natural Park of the Strait of Gibraltar. Kindly contact us if transportation is needed as shuttle services can be organized. This scenic tour is a great way to explore and discover the Strait. You can visit wild and isolated beaches, observe a wide range of wildlife, and snorkel above a sunken boat. Or just relax with your group under the warm sun of Andalusia while enjoying stunning views of Africa.

On the three hour tour, Velair will facilitate different boards size, life jacket, waterproof bag and paddles. The guides will give you a brief introduction of the area and paddleboarding.


Besides paddling around, the highlights can include:

The possibility of paddling with dolphins or even whales, which can include common dolphin, pilot whales, orca, sperm whale or Fin whale.
Birds Migration, as the Strait of Gibraltar, is one of the best locations to observe birds in Europe. 
Visiting ancient towers used during medieval times.
Paddle behind the Punta Carnero Light House.
Snorkel around a sunken boat.Velair Logo
Rock Jumping.
Picnicking and relaxing on isolated beaches.   

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